About Us

We are certified human resources professionals providing HR solutions, employment law expertise, contract business partners, executive search, policy development, strategic planning and outplacement services. We bring a corporate level HR services to small to mid-size businesses.

WHO WE ARE: As HR Consultants who believe in service, we are the experts who can strategically advise your firm or practice on establishing and optimizing an HR infrastructure that positions both the employees and the organization as a whole to perform at peak.

WHAT WE DO: We put our fingers on the pulse of the industry, and apply the specifics of that knowledge to your organization. That means defining uniform policies, educating the management team on employee relations, and ensuring the staff understands the chain of command.

VALUE WE BRING: We keep liability down, which translates into hard dollars not being lost to individual employees’ claims, or to regulatory sanctions. Furthermore, we acquire the right talent, and develop their core competencies, so the firm builds a knowledge base, increases competitive position, and increases revenue.